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  • What is live interactive music?
    Interactive music revolutionizes the traditional concert experience. Rather than being written for the performer, this music is written with your participation in mind. It blends the skill of the on-stage musician with simple prompts for you to join in on. Making music with others is much more fun than listening to it being performed at you. No prior experience is required. There will be no music reading nor instruments. You only make music with your bodies, through clapping, stomping, humming, and movement. Participating in the audience prompts is optional, but highly enhances the experience. ​ We tend to think of music as a complex activity that requires talent to perform. In reality however, anytime you clap your hands, you're making music. Singing in the shower? Music. Tapping on your desk? Also music. Music began as a group activity, and we're taking it back to its roots. Led by an inspired performer, a few simple claps and hums can turn into a magical group experience. At every stage of the concert, the performer will show you what to do. And when you're ready to join in, just do what everyone else does. It's that simple!
  • Why interactive music?
    History of Collaborative Music Making In contemporary Western society, music functions overwhelmingly as a one-way avenue for artistic expression. With a few notable exceptions, live music is produced by a specific class of participants (the performers) and consumed passively by a distinct group of attendees (the listeners.) These groups rarely – and virtually never spontaneously – intersect. ​ In many other traditions however, music is primarily a social event that requires group participation. In fact, music has been credibly theorized to have arisen in early hominins as a group activity par excellence. Some researchers posit that it evolved from ancient territorial signals, serving initially as a method of signaling internal social cohesion to other groups. Regardless of one’s adherence to a specific hypothesis about the origin of music, it is undeniable that music making represents a powerful group activity that permeates across cultures. ​ Read more about the historical precedent of collaborative music making.
  • How do I find an interactive concert?
    Join the mailing list to stay up to date with interactive concerts in your area. Currently, Mircea Gogoncea is performing a series of interactive concerts around Los Angeles. If you'd like to take part in an interactive concert somewhere else, get in touch and see if you can help get him booked to play where you live! Alternatively, if you are an artist interested in incorporating interactive elements into your own performances, get in touch. We will help set you up with the tools you need to join the interactive music movement.

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