This came in the mail today – who says you can’t live in a country and study in another? 😀 such an honor to have been awarded this degree by..

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Hearing myself on the radio is still the weirdest thing

No matter how many times it happens, hearing myself on the radio is still the strangest feeling 😀 Thank you WDR 3 for broadcasting our September..

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WDR 3 Kammerkonzert in NRW: Langenberg Festival

Super quick update – so it turns out I’m going to be on German radio tonight on WDR 3! They are broadcasting part of the concert I played right..

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In less than 2 weeks, I will be coming back to Luxemburg to play a solo recital! The photo they used for the poster is a bit old, but if you..

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An organ, a thousand colors and the speed of sound!

One more from this week’s concert – Sebastian Küchler-Blessing showing off his mindbogglingly colorful pipe organ in Essen! Which, most unbelievably,..

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I don’t often play in churches, but that’s where pipe organs are – the largest and most epic musical instruments of all! And yesterday’s guitar..

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When you talk into a camera on the street – well, first of all you look like a jerk 😀 – but often, people attempt to interact: whether by waving,..

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Domorganist und Weltklasse-Gitarrist musizieren gemeinsam

For the German speakers 🙂 about our concert next Wednesday at 19:30 in the Essen Cathedral.

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Photos from Mircea Gogoncea's post

Joining organist Sebastian Küchler-Blessing (left – pictured here talking to the mayor of Essen) in the Essen Cathedral in exactly one week!..

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Mircea Gogoncea: How to be a Guitarist & Live Meaningfully

So my friend Fiel did an interview on me for his blog & the result was hilarious! 😀 the ratio of serious to “can’t hold back our laughter” is..

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I know I’ve already posted about this, but actually holding them in my hand is quite a different feeling. Both valid, both ready to go! Thanks..

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Some of the places music has brought me in the past 3 years! Funny how Cuba & some cities in China don’t show because of slow internet access!..

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Air New Zealand continues not to disappoint! Another seamless experience taking my guitar onboard as cabin luggage – thank you for being great..

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In Los Angeles for a guitar trip… Good time to get some practice done in the garden! (Video of actual garden in comments)

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Going to London for 2 days, thank you Eurowings for another seamless airport experience and allowing me to transport my guitar onboard as cabin..

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“[…] an authentic genius of the guitar and its interpretation”