In Los Angeles for a guitar trip… Good time to get some practice done in the garden! (Video of actual garden in comments)

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Going to London for 2 days, thank you Eurowings for another seamless airport experience and allowing me to transport my guitar onboard as cabin..

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8.5 years after moving to Germany to study, I have become a German citizen! The great thing about the European Union is that I don’t need to..

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Happy New Year, everybody! During Christmas break, I went back to Romania to be with my family and oldest friends, and took a break from social..

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Photos from Mircea Gogoncea's post

Some photos from my concert in Israel a few days ago! The room was small, but the people were so warm, welcoming, communicative, and receptive..

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Shortly before my concert in Israel yesterday, I went and did my first-ever dive with dolphins! Such an amazing experience, doing this in December..

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Greets from the ancient town on Caesarea! For info about my concert in Israel tomorrow, go here:

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Rule no. 1 for fulfilling travels: be flexible going with the flow prevents unforseen circumstances like these from messing up your plans

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Playing in Tel Aviv on Wednesday 8 pm… until then, diving with the dolphins, swimming and rappelling into a crater in the desert tomorrow!..

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Music sometimes brings you to wonderful places – in this case, the Red Sea in Israel, where I just did my very first dive with dolphins! Right..

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That moment when you travel to Israel and fellow guitarists are on the same flight 😀 also going on a concert slash tourism tour! Result? You..

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Tenor Music LTD.

Can’t wait to play in Israel again on Wednesday! For those of you who speak Hebrew, here is a post from organizer and good friend Marcelo Raij..

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Planning for an amazing concert series in France in late ’18 or early ’19, and the first stop will be Metz, pictured here on the banks of the..

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CONFIRMED! Coming back to play in Tel Aviv on the 20th December, in exactly 9 days! So excited to go back less than 2yrs after my initial concert!..

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Who’s proud of their setup? Videos coming soon with Fiel Mahatma Sahir! Points if you can guess what the round thing is

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“His approach for the guitar is spectacular, with a great command of guitar technique”