Manuel Barrueco

Thank you United for being friendly to guitarists and allowing us to take our instruments on board! And shame on British Airways, who used to..

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Just found out ALL OF THIS will be livestreamed! So, what are you up to Fri 1st December at 8 pm CET? 😀 How about watching these awesome 9 guitarists..

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FOUR WAYS to solve musical instruments as cabin bags FOR ANY A...

Since British Airways refuses to cooperate, here are FOUR WAYS to solve the issue of musical instruments as cabin bags, forever, for ANY airline,..

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The Strad

The Strad just mentioned me in their article about violinist and Stradivarius owner Tamsin Waley-Cohen being denied boarding on British Airways..

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Our conductor is having a bit of an issue with Instagram’s 15-second story limit I promise we have rehearsed the concert better than this video..

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How much fun can you have rehearsing FOR AN ORCHESTRA CONCERT? Oh, and did I mention we are joined by Cañizares, Joaquin Clerch, Ricardo Gallen,..

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ARE YOU EXCITED I’M BACK, castle?? I was a little excited, myself… Snapped just before yesterday’s concert in Tecklenburg! Thank you for coming,..

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My next video for British Airways will be: “5 ways to solve the musical instruments as cabin baggage problem”. Already got 5 obvious ways, but..

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To everyone that has had terrible guitar stories at airports or with airlines, please comment them here so that I can tweet them to British Airways!..

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Playing in this amazing castle tomorrow at 4 pm for the 2nd time! so exciting! Already played in April, but it was sold out & some people couldn’t..

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Mircea Gogoncea

British Airways, according to your own annual report, you operated at a 81.2% passenger load in 2016 – what is keeping you from transporting..

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Dear British Airways

NOT COOL, British Airways! Your recent policy update specifically targets us, and if other airlines follow suit, represents a literal threat..

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My facebook posts have recently accrued 22,000 likes! Thank you all so much for being part of this community and for sticking with me throughout..

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Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, everyone! I am absolutely overwhelmed by your reactions – and I do not know what I did to deserve..

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Are Horny Toads Real Animals?

Did you know “horny toads” were real animals? extract from the Texas Big Star LIVE show I was on as a musical guest last week! Want more? Follow..

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“His approach for the guitar is spectacular, with a great command of guitar technique”