THIS is what happens when the internet works together for a good cause! This Thu, we are transporting the world’s first professional nylon-string..

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Though I’ve been traveling so much, still managed to get 5 college degrees, 4 in the past 4 years! Stay in school, kids! really IS worth it!..

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Here’s a YouTube version of the unbelievable Nigerian story update! 😀 I’d appreciate a share, to let everyone know about the news!

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Unbelievable Nigerian story update!

UNBELIEVABLE NIGERIAN STORY UPDATE! *This* is what happens when the internet comes together! 😀 #internetpower

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REALLY BAD NEWS 🙁 Nigerian story update

REALLY BAD NEWS 🙁 An update on the Nigerian guitar story. Please share this with everyone you know!

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Way to go Belgium! Thanks for being my most loyal fan! It is an honor and a privilege 😛

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Today’s stage: town where I won my first-ever competition abroad at age 10!

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Just got awarded the 2nd and audience prize in the Tárrega competition in Spain! Many congrats to amazing people Alejandro Córdova for his..

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I’m in the finals of the Francisco Tarrega competition in Spain (oldest competition in the world)! together with great friends Deion Cho, Marko..

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Morning! Blue sky? Check! Pool? Check! Palm trees? Check! Olive oil? Check! Who says competitions can’t be fun? (also, I love Spain! )

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Viva la Guitarra 2017!

Really looking forward to playing in this festival accompanied by an orchestra on the 1st Dec! Quite a few errors in the program, but check it..

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Thank you @Eurowings for another seamless flight with my guitar as hand luggage! Great airline for musicians – will certainly fly again!

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Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf mayor Thomas Geisel has officially taken up patronage of the “Viva la guitarra” festival! Playing in it with a bunch of crazy talented..

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Jüchen: Niederrhein-Festival mit Künstlern aus Venezuela

Awesome review of our concert in Schloss Dyck this weekend! Apparently, I “play guitar as exquisitely as I charmingly host my concerts” And let’s..

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Today was a hot day, but not quite as hot as that time I played on a rooftop above my home town of Bucharest! Famous previously tallest building..

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“[…] a genius of classical guitar”