At the beginning of last week, on the 1st of March, I played a recital in the Felicja Blumenthal center in Tel Aviv, Israel, as part of this year’s Tel Aviv Guitar Week. It was my first time visiting the country, and although my trip was way too short, lasting only less than 4 days between the moment of my landing and stepping back onto another plane, it has left such a lasting impression on me!

I was very impressed by the importance given to the event (as well as to all kinds of cultural manifestations in general!), by the eagerness of the audience to attend and engage the performance and performers, by the genuine interest and receptiveness of the students that came to my masterclass, as well as the warmth of the people, their poliglotism (yes, that is a word!), and general outlook on life. Such an experience!

The concert hall was sold out, which is always a great feeling, and my audience members were so warm and uninhibited that rather than the usual short moderation I do between pieces, we had something that more closely resembled a dialogue! Such an honor to be invited to play during the same event as others such as the renowned guitarist Aniello Desiderio!

The day after the concert, during the 10 masterclasses I held with students aged 13 to 31 in a marathon-like event in the same location, I also got a chance to meet some of Israel’s new generation of guitarists, many of which had attended my concert the day before and showed utmost interest, curiousity, eagerness, and enthusiasm in my lesson!

Although I had to leave much too soon this time, I do hope I will be back very soon! After all, where else can you experience 31 degrees during the end of February only a short flight away from Europe? Maybe next time, I’ll have time to go to the beach! 😉

Here’s an article about my recital published by the Jerusalem post’s Barry Davis: